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Curious About TaxWrx

This is our origin story.


The Discovery

Small Business Passion

Hi! I'm Jillian Battaglio. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and I love small businesses.


I seek them out, going out of my way to shop at obscure places. When I meet a small business owner I pepper them with questions and enthusiasm.


I am curious, interested, and a tad obsessed with what makes small businesses tick. What makes them profitable, what tax issues drive them crazy and cause unnecessary confusion? What are their day-to-day struggles - and can I solve them?

My first entrepreneurial gig was selling lemonade on a cardboard box in front of my parents home. I'd advertise my steal-of-a-deal pricing on cardboard signs then wave frantically at cars as they'd wiz by avoiding eye contact. My first employee was my little brother who was poorly paid and even more poorly managed. 

Needing some better tactics I studied entrepreneurship in college and then moved on to obtain my chartered professional accountant (CPA) designation. I enjoyed numbers but I remembered the freedom and creativity that came with being a small business owner.  

The Journey

Fueling Success

After working at several accounting firms I opened up Creekside Accounting in 2016. I hired a team and strived to help our clients build the businesses of their dreams while managing their tax obligations. 


Within the first few months I learned first-hand how hard it is to be a small business owner. How overwhelming, uncertain, and scary it can be on a day to day basis. Small business owners have a very steep uphill battle. They are also worth protecting, helping, and championing. 


Small business owners are a HUGE foundation for our entire local economy. They create thousands of jobs, fuel innovation, keep tax dollars local, and bring us all great products and services we love. They are unsung heroes in our communities.

Taxes are also a huge pain in their butts. 

Eighty percent of small businesses fail within the first five years and many go bankrupt because of taxes.


No one should have to feel alone or overwhelmed when dealing with their business taxes. I want you to succeed, make money, and have less stress. 

I want to help you understand your taxes so your business can kick some serious butt and avoid catastrophic mistakes.


I am seeking to improve your life and make running your business easier. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help business owners overcome their tax and business challenges so they can make their communities better.
We do this through helpful digital resources and short tax-tip videos all driven by client questions.

Helping Small Businesses Every Day

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