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Get The Tax Advice
Your Business Needs

Videos, checklists, handouts, and templates to make your life as a business owner easier.

Get The Tax Advice You've Been Missing

John Sereda

"These videos are great. I've had several corporations past and present and am frequently asked if incorporating is a good idea. Jillian covers the main questions with answers that are clear and easy to understand."

Dr. Alexander Forbes

"I have learned so much that I can't narrow down the benefits to one category of information alone, or even a couple. Instead, I would simply say "Watch these great videos!" As soon as you do, you will see why you should!"

Marianne Hordyk

"The videos are very helpful. I thought I knew a lot already but after watching the videos I realized how much I had to learn. Guess I didn't know what I didn't know."


Get The Tax Advice Your Business Needs

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Short Videos

Engaging videos with the RIGHT tax advice you need.
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Helpful Handouts

CLEAR information without searching & frustration.
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Pre-Made Templates

Save time with EFFECTIVE tax and bookkeeping solutions.

TaxWrx Complete Provides Relief

Videos, Handouts, and Excel Templates To Make Life Easier

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Essential Tax Information

Targeted and concise tax videos that will provide you the knowledge you need to avoid unexpected taxes and unnecessary CRA audits.

Implementation Tools

QuickAction checklists and Do-It-Yourself templates that make implementing the information gained easy and straight forward.

A Place To Ask Questions

We update our content every month from your tax questions. Get the information you need.

24/7 Tax Advice

Tax advice available right when you need it. Don't wait for your accountant to call you back. Get the information you need right away through our online resources.


Get The Tax Advice Your Business Needs

It's Your Choice

You could spent countless hours browsing the internet and pay thousands of dollars in bookkeeping cleanup costs, CRA audit penalties, and tax advisory services... or you can get TaxWrx.

Heather Oatway

"TaxWrx is easy to use and I appreciate the option to ask questions. The videos are well done, nice and short but packed with lots of excellent information."

Leigh Northcott

"I wish all this information had been as readily available when we were just starting up.  It would have saved me hours of work and we would have had the knowledge to make more informed decisions, or at least know that we needed to ask questions to get a better understanding of what we should be doing.
TaxWrx covers topics that a new business owner might not even know are essential to them.  I will continue to return to TaxWrw to keep me on track and to ensure I am saving as much tax as possible as well as making the best choices for my business. This is a great resource for small businesses."

Kayla Caruana

"Jillian has created a tool that is not only helpful, but also practical. As busy business owners, we crave answers to our tax questions and now we have a resource we can go to!
Jillian is credible, competent and her service is beyond helpful."



  • Month by Month

    Every month
    $420 Per Year
     7 day free trial
    • Cancel Anytime
    • - Full Access to TaxWrx Mini Courses
    • - Full Access to TaxWrx Resources
    • - Knowledge is Power Videos
    • - How-To Excel & CRA Tutorials
    • - QuickAction Checklists & Handouts
    • - Do It Yourself Pre-Made Templates
    • - Ask Questions & Suggest Topics
  • Best Value

    Annual Membership

    Every year
    Pre-Pay & Save
     7 day free trial
    • Pre-Pay & Get 3.5 Months Free!
    • - Full Access to TaxWrx Mini Courses
    • - Full Access to TaxWrx Resources
    • - Knowledge is Power Videos
    • - How-To Excel & CRA Tutorials
    • - QuickAction Checklists & Handouts
    • - Do It Yourself Pre-Made Templates
    • - Ask Questions & Suggest Topics

Taxes included. Check out our 100% Helpful Guarantee below and FAQs!

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100% Helpful Guarantee


I am personally guaranteeing our resources will be helpful.

If within the first 7 days of signing up, you don't think you'll see a 100% return on your investment, you can cancel your subscription and you won't be charged.

This ensures you have zero to lose and tax relief to gain!

Why do we offer such a guarantee? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your monthly or annual memberships anytime, and you will not be charged at the end of your next billing cycle. We're here as long as you need us :)

What If I'm Overwhelmed?

Being a small business owner is absolutely overwhelming. Our goal is to make your life easier. TaxWrx is full of fun and informative videos, helpful handouts, and easy to use templates to set you and your business up for success. 

Will I Save On My Taxes?

Yes! TaxWrx helps in two ways. First, we help reduce your taxes by providing information around write-offs. Second, we reduce your audit and tax risk by helping you avoid tax-traps and catastrophic mistakes. 

Do You Focus On Canadian Taxes?

Yes! We focus exclusively on Canadian tax issues. None of our content relates to other jurisdictions or tax laws.

What Content Is Included?

TaxWrx covers a wide variety of topics affecting business owners. From bookkeeping basics to incorporation decisions, we've got you covered. All of our current resources are listed on our Free Tax Resources page.

What If My Tax Question Isn't Answered?

We update our content monthly. If you have a topic that you would like us to cover we encourage you to 'Ask A Question' in your client portal. Your topic may be one we cover in a future video.

Are You An Accountant?
Inquire About Our Accountant Plan

Thanks for inquiring about our Accountant Plan! Please check your email.

Need Help?

Get In Touch

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response. Our help desk is open Monday - Thursday and closed all statutory holidays.

We can't provide personalized tax advice but we can answer membership and subscriptions questions :)

Thanks for submitting! Please note we are unable to provide personalized tax advice but are happy to answer membership and subscription questions :)

About Jillian Battaglio

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

For the past 10+ years, I've worked exclusively with Canadian small business owners. For the past 5+ years, I've also been an entrepreneur. 

This has given me an exceptional understanding into the questions, concerns, and challenges that small business owners face. I've dedicated my life to helping small business owners overcome their tax challenges and avoid devastating mistakes.


Get the tax advice that your business needs. 

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Jillian Battaglio is a sought after Chartered Professional Accountant

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