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Welcome to TaxWrx - Our Small Business Journey

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We understand small businesses... because we are one.

Hi! I'm Jillian, a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 10+ years of experience working exclusively with small businesses.

I've dedicated my career to helping small businesses thrive through accounting, tax, and mentorship solutions.

This is why I understand that taxes can be PAINFUL.

Especially to small business owners. My goal is to make them easier.

After working for several years at different accounting firms I opened up my own small business: Creekside Accounting Ltd. I quickly hired a team and hustled every day to help our small business clients build the businesses of their dreams.

Within the first few months, I learned first-hand how hard it is to be a small business owner.

I was overwhelmed, uncertain, and downright scared!

After trial and error and some great resources, I finally found my footing. This is when I realized that many of my small business clients were struggling as well.

Why Small Business Taxes?

Small business owners have a very steep uphill battle.

They are also worth protecting, helping, and championing. Small business owners are a HUGE foundation for our entire local economy. They create thousands of jobs, fuel innovation, keep tax dollars local, and bring us great products and services we love.

Taxes are also a huge pain for small business owners.

Eighty percent of small business owners fail within the first five years and many go bankrupt because of taxes. One client of mine ended up having to sell the business they had been building for years just to pay their tax bill.

This is devastating and heartbreaking.

I've dedicated my career to helping small business owners overcome their tax challenges and TaxWrx's mission is to do just that.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small business owners overcome their tax and business challenges so they can make their communities better.

We do this through helpful digital resources and weekly tax-tip videos - all driven by real client questions.

Where do we get our client's questions? From two places:

  1. After 5+ years of working one-on-one with small business clients, we could see a pattern forming. Clients had questions! And lots of them. Taxes are confusing and much of our resources come from helping clients overcome their tax challenges.

  2. From you! We strive to ensure TaxWrx is the most valuable tax resource you've ever used. To ensure this is true we gather your questions to answer :)

Why Choose TaxWrx For Your Small Business

Time and time again our small business clients would make seemingly innocent lifestyle or business changes like adding a spouse to a corporation or renting our their principal residence and cringe later realizing the horrific tax consequences they had unknowingly walked into.

This flat-out sucked.

I hated giving the bad news and my clients hated receiving it.

We needed a better solution.

Finally, an idea emerged - weekly tax tips! But emails weren't quite going to cut it so we started producing weekly videos under 10 minutes to discuss important tax issues. This provided us with an avenue to provide great information to clients for free.

Our clients loved it and began to see the tax savings add up from watching the videos. We knew we needed to turn this into something long-term.

That's when TaxWrx emerged.

We're Here For Small Businesses

No one should have to feel alone or overwhelmed when dealing with their business taxes. We want you to succeed, make money, and have less stress.

We want to help you understand your taxes so your business can kick some serious butt and avoid catastrophic mistakes.

Take action today to begin managing your taxes better.

Be sure to check out our other blog articles and consider subscribing to one of our membership plans so you can be a well-informed business owner.

Article Written for TaxWrx by Chartered Professional Accountant Jillian Battaglio.

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